Yoga First, LLC is available to offer Yoga and Therapy to meet you where you are in life.

Group classes to benefit your practice in a community environment.

Private practice to work one on one with the instructor to develop your potential and promote healing from within.

Workshops in topics inclusive of various intents including addiction recovery, beginners, Yoga & MS, couples, vision impairment…

New: A DVD emphasizing addiction recovery from Yoga First, LLC.

March 2017: Certified Yoga Therapist with International Association of Yoga Therapists.



May 2017: Yoga for Arthritis Teacher Training. Certified Level I Instructor.

2018: Yoga for Arthritis Mentor-ship program completed with Ann Swanson.

Yoga for Arthritis is an 8 week, 16 class workshop developed by Stephanie Moonaz at Johns Hopkins Hospital and funded by the American Arthritis Foundation. It is an evidence based (or evidence informed) protocol designed to improve well-being in a holistic manner to those living with the condition of Arthritis in its manner manifestations.  Offered in two Carroll County locations during October 2017, four more are completed for 2018. Two in 2019, one in Spring and another in Autumn. Contact Yoga First, LLC for more information.

Pedaling for Parkinson’s

Beginning in January 2020, I will be offering a semi-weekly cycle class focused on the population living with Parkinson’s Disease. Very excited to teach this class at the local Y.


Sine Qua Non

A latin phrase meaning “without which, nothing else”.  When we take care of ourselves with compassion, we develop the ability to express ourselves in an authentic way.


May you experience happiness and the roots of happiness.




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