Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy meets you where you are to work with injuries, physical disease, addiction recovery, stress, anxiety, etc., assisting you to heal from the inside out.

Combining elements of Yoga not to fix you, but to provide guidance through postures, breathwork, guided imagery, concentration and meditation to invite, improve and maintain well being.


Private Practice

Private Practice offers one on one sessions to explore how yoga can be tailored to support your intentions for specific disciplines.  Concentration, stress relief, strength building, flexibility, injury prevention and more can be established by working with YogaFirst towards your goals.


For the first appointment, the client will complete questionaire forms provided electronically from Yoga First, LLC and submit them prior to the appointment.  This preparation will allow the therapist to have some insight into the history and current condition of the client.  All information is held in confidence and shared only with the client.

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